Is Home Care and Home Health Care the Same Thing?

Although most people use the terms home care and home health care to mean the same thing, they are separate types of care. Sometimes both are utilized to provide well-rounded care for elderly parents or people during recovery from an illness that required hospitalization.

What is Home Care?

Home care workers can assist the elderly or others with many daily activities. This may include help getting dressed or fixing their hair. The home care worker can run errands or take people to doctor’s appointments. Preparing meals is another task they may perform.

Many times a home care worker will provide companionship for the elderly or people that are recuperating at home and do not have much social interaction. While they do not administer medications, they can remind people when to take their medicine. They are not responsible for actively monitoring health. However, if a problem arises that should be brought to the attention of a doctor, they can let a relative or home health care worker know.

Home Health Care

Home health care workers are skilled professionals. Many are nurses, although some may be therapists. They can help the elderly or people recovering from an illness or injury by administering medications, providing therapy and/or nursing. They are responsible for monitoring the health of their charges.

Many times home health care workers are hired to take care of someone when they leave the hospital after an illness or injury. They can help them to adapt to being able to take care of themselves again. An example of a company that offers home health care bethesda md is Specialty Care Services.

Because home health care is prescribed by a doctor most of the time, Medicare or Medicaid will generally cover this type of health care. Sometimes, it is requested by the patient rather than being prescribed, so private insurance will pay for the care. Home care may be covered by Medicaid, depending on the state, but is not covered by private insurance.