How to Spring into Medical Cannabis Gardening and Recreation

Spring is almost here, and you know what that means? It’s time to plant some marijuana!

Due to Proposition 64, it’s now 100% legal to grow up to six marijuana plants, either indoors or outdoors, in the state of California. As long as you follow the guidelines in your local city or county, Spring is the time to get your green thumbs ready! Due to new regulations and taxes on recreational marijuana, there have been increases in the price of between 15 and 40% over the last few months.

If you’re budget wise, or a medical marijuana patient, then growing your own marijuana could be a handy way to save quite a few dollars. You may even be surprised to learn that you can save up to 90% when you grow your own compared to buying over the counter in retail outlets. A little bit of knowledge and some hard work, and you’ll have money left over that you can invest in other essential items.

After the last freeze in Spring is the ideal time to start planting your marijuana seeds. The marijuana should then be ready to be harvested just before the heavy Fall rain. The tricky part is where to begin? At the moment your local gardening shop doesn’t stock starts or seeds, but it’s not far away. The process of getting seeds isn’t as terrifying as you think, however.

The first place you want to inquire about obtaining marijuana seeds is your local dispensary. Before you grab just any seeds or clones, do some homework on them. If there isn’t any information or there is bad feedback, move on and try somewhere else. With a little bit of searching on Google, you may even be able to find high-quality clones and seeds in your own town.

Here are some tips on finding your own clones or seeds:

  • Start by checking out the store and their website
  • Make a list of any clones or seeds that you might like
  • Do some homework on the brand by checking out the information online
  • Make sure you contact the store in advance to be sure they have what you want in stock
  • Now it’s just a matter of heading over with your I.D and some cash and buying them

How much do clones and seeds cost?

Clones, or starts as they are sometimes known, are cuttings from a mother plant that carry that plant’s DNA. Clones usually cost approximately $15 each, and seeds anywhere up to $100 for ten seeds. When grown correctly, one marijuana plant can produce up to a pound of dried bud.

Clones or seeds?

Clones always involve a lot less ‘uncertainty’ compared to seeds. Whereas every seed can be either a male plant or female plant. Female marijuana plants have unfertilized flower buds which contain medicinal molecules. Male plants create pollen that pollinates the female plants, so most growers kill the male plants.

If you aren’t looking for a high, you need to do your research and choose plants which are going to have a high CBD content. If you want that traditional high or buzz, then look for plants that have a strong THC content.