How To Put The Unhealthy Past Behind You And Get Healthy

Unfortunately, many people find that the principle of habituation precludes them from getting healthy. If you’re used to engaging in a wide range of unhealthy behaviors and find that these patterns are deeply embedded in your psyche, it’s important to know that you don’t have to accept unhealthy living as a fact of life. Instead, put the unhealthy past behind you and get healthy by implementing the following strategies for change:

1. Establish A Healthy Morning Ritual.

One of the best ways to put the unhealthy past behind you is by establishing a healthy morning ritual. This technique will help you break the pattern of beginning your day in an unhealthy manner marked by things like eating processed foods or watching television prior to leaving the house for school or work. One healthy morning ritual that many people have found life-altering and empowering is having a green smoothie for breakfast. You may also find it helpful to begin your day with a fun fitness activity like cycling or yoga.

2. Stay Hydrated.

Research indicates that the majority of people walk around in a state of chronic dehydration. This physiological reality is dangerous because it can lead to unwanted outcomes like constipation, mood instability, weight gain, and lethargy. To avoid the dangerous behavioral patterns or non-actions that can lead to dehydration, consider the value of carrying a water bottle with you to school, work, and social gatherings!

3. Make Organization Your New Normal.

One final strategy you can implement to put the unhealthy past behind you is making organization your new normal. This principle will involve you coming up with systems and strategies that empower you to stay on track to being healthy. For example, if you experience high levels of stress at work, getting organized can be the key to bringing your blood pressure down and ensuring that you maintain energy throughout the day. If you run a pharmacy store, know that the use of pharmacy software systems such as those provided by BestRX can empower you to organize key work-related processes that might be inducing anxiety.


Three techniques that can help you put the unhealthy past behind you include establishing a healthy morning ritual, staying hydrated, and making organization your new normal. Start using these techniques immediately so you can break unhealthy patterns of living and establish the amazing level of wellness you deserve to have!