5 Warning Signs To Look For In High Alcoholic Beverages

I had a totally different personality many years ago than me as a successful businessman today. If you look at me now, you will never know that I was caught in the clutches of alcoholism and have ruined my life, my job and caused a lot of pain to the people I love. It shocked my family when they realized I was a heavy alcoholic.

You see, on the outside, I was the fun guy at parties that always wanted to have a good time and encourage others around me to do the same. If I was getting wasted, so was everyone else. I was the life and soul of the party…the generous guy who always ordered rounds of shots for everyone.

The sad truth is that was my way of masking my alcoholism. I thought if everyone else was enjoying themselves they wouldn’t notice that I was completely off the rails and spiraling out of control.

A high functioning alcoholic appears to lead a normal life, hold down a steady job and function like everyone else. That is what makes us so hard to identify. Unless you are looking for the warning signs you may never know.

My drinking got to a point where I couldn’t hide my problem anymore and my shameful addictions were revealed to everyone when I ended up in prison on drug-related charges.

That was both my lowest point in life and my saving grace because after I left prison, I relapsed…hard, and had to go into rehab. That was when the fun lovin’ party animal Andy was exposed as an addict. It crushed my family, especially my Mom. She wished she had taken more notice of the warning signs and blamed herself. Identifying a high functioning alcoholic is damn near impossible if you don’t know what to look for.

I discovered a lot of the causes of my addiction and how I was behaving as a high functioning alcoholic when I started the process of alcohol detox. It was my first step to accepting my problem and I learned so much from my therapist. He taught me about the tell-tale signs I didn’t even realize I had been showing as a cry for help all those years as an addict.

I’d like to tell you about 5 hints that will explain to you when you are facing with a high-functional alcoholic drink. What I have to share right now could be vital in getting that person or yourself some much-needed help.

1 Hiding Behind Humor

If the Andy of nine years ago is remembered for saying anything it would have to have been the classic quote “Rehab is for quitters!” That was my catchphrase that always got the crowd laughing.

I’d usually be yelling that in someone’s face if they refused the 8th shot I was trying to palm off on them after downing 12 myself. If you couldn’t keep up you were a loser. I’d do anything to push the focus onto anyone …